It's been quite a looooong time since my last post here, so I thought I'd write a little one to say that I'm still alive! (somehow!)

As I've wrote in some posts before, I've started job search activities some time ago, and last month as well as this month have been becoming what I would call the peak of it. Still don't know how the next weeks (or months) are going to be, but I sure hope it doesn't get busier than it already is!

My to-do list for "The Rising Sky" blog keeps getting bigger and bigger as I continue to think about new content to post, new features to add, and new ways to share Japan with the world!

I have so many things in my mind to do once I get my job, that I think I might revolutionize my entire lifestyle! xD

But for the time being, to get a job is my priority, after all without a job I wouldn't be able to stay in Japan!

Once I get enough time again, please do look forward to new content!

(Yes, I went to Kyoto! Please look forward to a great review!)

Culture Point 16: Sushi Guide

Like sushi but don't know their names? Then this guide is for you!

Taiko no Tatsujin, Japanese Master Drummers!

Remember the Taiko no Tatsujin videogame which I introduced to you before?

Well, if you are curious to see how hard it can get, or how easy a geek otaku can make it seem, watch the videos below and let your jaw drop!

100 Years of Tokyo Station

Just as the title says, 2014 marks the 100th year since Tokyo Station has started to be a part of every citizen.

As just one more user of the Japanese Railways, I think the train stations are amazing places because so many people use it. It's like a "key place" to the everyday engine. And most of the times we even don't notice how there are also people working there and doing their best to send off everyone to work in safety.

That's what the following 5-minute anime video by A-1 Pictures is all about: the bonds, the routine, the events and everything that everyone will definitely experience one day in there!

Hope you enjoy and Happy 100th Birthday Tokyo Station!

Radio Disaster Prevention Chime

...or how it's called, is the short tune that is played here in my area everyday at the same time (17:30 from March to September)!

I somehow love this tune, it's kind of a soothing ballad called 夕焼け小焼け (Yuuyake Koyake, lit. Sunset Small Burnt(?)), which takes me to the past, to Ghibli movies, Pokémon games, and some other nostalgic feelings.

Have a listen below to get what I mean!

There are other melodies, depending on the area! Listen below!

Back to Tokyo! (Wait, where did you go?)

Yes, it's been a while since I last posted here!

Spent the last three weeks in Portugal, refreshing myself with the things that only Portugal has!

And after the holidays, I'm back to work!

Enjoy some pictures I took there!