Autumn Colors in the Imperial Palace!

Autumn is here, and if you didn't know, it is one of the most beautiful seasons in Japan.

Japan is know for having quite a wonderful contrast between all the seasons, so there are always new things to see as the months pass by.

Today I went running again around the Imperial Palace with a friend from my orchestra. It is a really famous running spot, so there are always a lot of people there. During the weekdays, many people at night. During the weekends, I guess during all day. Today there was even a mini marathon event having place there. This running route is about 5 Km.

Speaking about marathon, the Tokyo Marathon 2013 will take place in February 24th! I applied for it but unfortunately was not chosen, as there are really thousands of people applying for it. As a result, the elected runners are chosen by lottery.

I will not participate, but you can bet I will take a lot of pictures, and of course I will be uploading here, so please look forward to them!

But returning to the Autumn topic, the 銀杏並木 (いちょうなみき, ginkgo tree) near the Imperial Palace are really beautiful! Its leaves resemble the Tokyo symbol (see last pictures below). 

With such a beautiful weather as it is today, I could not resist taking some pictures. Enjoy!

(Running around the Imperial Palace)

Ginkgo trees in front of the Imperial Palace

Ginkgo tree leaves

Tokyo Symbol