Culture Point 1 - Things NOT to do in Japan

Today I open yet another new section! Culture! I will be introducing to you some interesting aspects of Japanese Culture!

Japan is a country with a lot of different values when comparing with Europe, America or other parts of the world. So, many times foreigners find themselves doing things that are not that good around here. I'll give you some examples:

Meal time

-> Putting your elbow on the table

-> When eating seated on the floor, putting your feet's palms on the floor (knees standing up)

-> Singing

-> Going to the toilet

-> Sticking the chopsticks on the rice

-> Using two pairs of chopsticks to separate food, or passing food to another person from chopsticks to chopsticks

-> Pulling bowls closer using the chopsticks

-> Chewing and opening the mouth at the same time

Temples / Shrines / Cemeteries

-> Exiting a cemetery for the same path you entered

-> Going through a Torii passing in the center

-> Going to a Shrine and not entering / exiting through the Torii

Street / Stations

-> Standing on the middle or right side of the escalator (if in Tokyo)

-> Standing on the middle or left side of the escalator (if in Osaka) (don't know about other cities xD)


-> Crossing your arms while listening to the teacher, or someone of a higher status than you

These are just some examples. There are a lot of things that will be seen as bad manners, if done in Japan. Of course some of these are worse than others, and some may even not be that bad, maybe just a little strange.

If you come to Japan, please avoid doing the above mentioned things!