Anime: Thriller Restaurant (怪談レストラン)

怪談レストラン (Kaidan Restaurant, or Thriller Restaurant) was adapted from the original Japanese children's storybook series. The word "kaidan" (怪談) means literally ghost / horror story, and that's what this anime is about.

It doesn't really have a linear plot. Instead, it tells a collection of ghost stories similar to what would be traditionally told around a campfire.

It is quite an interesting anime, with a lot of those "stories" which someone has heard once and fears it might be true. I personally think Japanese ghost stories are very neat, and can really draw the attention of the listener / viewer.

This "restaurant" serves the "stories" in three dishes per episode, the appetizer, the main dish, and the dessert. Sure to give some chills!

Have a look at the following short story, "Incoming call from the afterlife"!