Exactly one year ago I started writing in this blog about my adventure!

It all started as a way to tell my family and friends how I was doing in Japan, but it has been growing to be much more than that!

I want to thank everyone's support, and I promise more and more content for the next times! ^-^

I will eventually change the initial slogan of the blog, as the "one year" adventure is reaching an end. But as I don't know how long will the next adventure be, I need to think of an appropriate slogan hehe.

Anyway! I want to take this opportunity to introduce to you a new project of mine! It's called THE SUN CANVAS!!

It is a new blog, with a dynamic interface, specially made to show you the best pictures I have been taking in Japan! It is a way better space to view the photo content, so from today on, the picture section on this blog will automatically redirect you to The Sun Canvas homepage!

I hope this Canvas will have a lot of color and expression to show you the beauty of Japan!