Anime: Love Hina (ラブひな)

Love Hina (ラブひな) is a romantic comedy that was aired in Japan between April 19th, 2000 and September 27th, 2000, followed by a bonus DVD episode, Christmas and Spring television specials and three OVAs.

The story takes place in the Kanagawa Prefecture, and is centered on Urashima Keitaro and his attempts to fulfill a childhood promise that he made with a girl to enter Tokyo University together. However, he has forgotten the name of the girl he made the promise to and hopes to be accepted into Tokyo University in order to find her.

After failing the entrance exam twice and his parents no longer willing to support him, he goes to stay at his grandmother's hotel, only to find that it has been converted to a female-only apartments. He is about to be kicked out by the girls, when his aunt announced that his grandmother has given him the titles of the apartments, and he stays on as the manager of the family-owned girls' dorm Hinata House.

At Hinata House, Keitaro meets Narusegawa Naru, who is also studying to enter Tokyo University. Naru ranked first in the whole of Japan on the practice exams, and Keitaro convinces her to help him study. Keitaro accidentally reads a small section of Naru's diary and as the two grow closer through their studies, Keitaro becomes increasingly convinced that Naru may be the girl he made the promise with.

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