Japan. So much to experience.

I've finally changed the blog's slogan! It is now:

Japan. So much to experience.

It all began as a way to tell my family and friends how I was doing in Japan, and also a way to tell the world about my personal experience in the Land of the Rising Sun.

F.A.Q.: Why is the name of your blog "The Rising Sky" and not "The Rising Sun"?

A: Good one! There are two reasons. One, I feel "The Rising Sun" is a too much overused expression, and I wanted my blog to have something different, and two, to do that I decided to take my "fascination for the infinite" and the fact that my experience and the things I'm learning are always increasing, limitlessly, like an unreachable sky that is rising higher and higher. And there you have, "The Rising Sky"!

But, a sky without a sun isn't complete, that's when "The Sun Canvas" came onto stage.
Here, the "Sun" is directly associated to Japan, and the "Canvas" is the best way I found to "record" the beauty of this country. A place to store memories that can be accessed in an easy and intuitive way, bringing the Japanese harmony directly to you!

Time is not a limit anymore. And it's not only my experience anymore, it's yours too!