Miguel Guerreiro, from a Portuguese song contest to the Japanese music world!

As a fellow Portuguese citizen, I'm proud to present to you, Miguel Guerreiro!

Miguel is a Portuguese 14-year-old singer, who won a song contest show for children on the Portuguese television.

Watch below how he started:

Well, he won, and god knows how, he came to Japan!

He started singing for the TV commercial of a cleaning product, and thanks to that, he quickly became popular. It was something like this:

Guess what, he is still popular, and has formed a group with the Japanese famous singer Sakura Maya (review soon!) called Marmee!

They started last August, and already released a debut CD! You can access their Official Website by clicking HERE.

And of course, they made another commercial! Filmed in Lisbon, really cool! Have a look in the video below!

And yet another video!

Keep going Miguel! Make the Portuguese people proud! :)